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Plant Quarantine and Phytosanotary Division (PQPD)

Plant Quarantine and Phytosanotary Division of the ZARI.

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  • Entomology

  • The Entomology Research Team is one of the three teams in the Plant Protection and Quarantine Division

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    Developing, adapting and adoption of disease control technologies and providing disease identification and advisory service to the farming community and other stakeholders.

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    Food Conservation & Storage

    Develop a wide range of on-farm storage structures that reduce losses due pests and climatic elements

    Our services

    The division has the mandate to develop and adapt appropriate pre and post-harvest technologies in order to prevent and/or minimise crop losses due to pests and diseases, conserve nutritional value and prolong shelf life of food crops.
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    This section is involved in detection and identification of fungal pathogens on various crops. The section also carries out research on different plant diseases and provides an advisory service to the farming community on disease identification and control recommendations.
    Currently the section is involved in detection of GMOs in crops such as maize. Once fully operational it will be involved in tissue culture techniques of crops such as sweet potato and cassava; characterization of crop cultivars and plant pathogens as well as disease diagnostics using molecular techniques.
    Plant viruses can cause great yield losses to field crops. Diseases caused by viruses are easily confused with plant nutrient deficiencies. This section is involved in the detection and characterization of plant viruses as well as carrying out surveys and screening for disease resistance.
    Damage by plant nematodes is one of the most important constraints to sustainable crop production. The basic programme for nematology includes surveys, collection and identification of plant parasitic nematodes and provision of control recommendation measures.
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