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Kabwe Research Station

Historical Background of the Station
Kabwe Research Station was opened by The Tobacco Research Board of the then Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1958, and was run until June 1965 exclusively for tobacco research. In 1965, the station was taken over by The Research Branch of The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. It shifted from Tobacco Research in the early 80’s to include other commodity teams, conducting research on crops, farming systems and soils excluding tobacco altogether.

in the early 80's to include other commodity teams conducting research on crops, farming systems and soils excluding tobacco altogether. However in 2007 by Ministerial pronouncement Tobacco Research was re-introduced as a researchable area and is expected to become one of the activities from 2008 onwards.

General Description
Weather, vegetation and soil conditions Rainfall distribution is quite favourable for most crops. However drought does occur occasionally. The vegetation is predominantly Miombo and the soils are sandy

Kabwe Research Station is situated 10 km north of Kabwe, Central Province, along Great North Road at longitude 28 30 É and latitude 14 25’S and has a total of 140 hectares. It is easily accessible from the Main Kabwe-Kapiri road known as the Great North Road (GNR) by a 400m gravel road. The Research Station is at an altitude of 1189 meters.

The station has 20 offices, a conference room, a workshop, 9 tobacco barns and 2 shades, 1 Library room and about 90 housing units.

To be a centre of excellence providing scientific leadership in generation and transfer of improved and appropriate agriculture technologies through partnership Involving stakeholders and beneficiaries

To contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the Zambian people through the provision of agriculture technologies and knowledge that enhance household and national food security and equitable income generating opportunities for agriculture enterprises while ensuring the maintenance of the natural resource base.

Overal Objective
The overall objective of Zambia Agriculture Research Institute is to generate and adapt soil and crop technologies for increased and sustainable agricultural production and to provide high quality, appropriate, cost-effective and efficient service to farmers.

Kabwe Research station is headed by a programmes officer. There are five research sub-programmes namely – Soils Research Soil and Water management Division), Sorghum and Millets (Crop Improvement and Agronomy Division), Food Legumes (Crop Improvement and Agronomy Division), Plant Protection (Plant Protection and Quarantine Division) and Farming Systems Research (Farming Systems and Social Sciences Division).

Contact details
Kabwe research Station
P.O. Box 80908
Tel: (0215) 224211