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The Regional Centre of Leadership for Legumes and Legume based Farming Systems.

About APPSA Project


- Regional Centre of Leadership for Legumes and Legume based Farming Systems -

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has received a loan from the World Bank for the Agricultural Productivity Program for Southern Africa (APPSA) Programme. APPSA is a 6 year (2013 –2018) regional program covering Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia with each country receiving U$30 Million. Malawi is a Centre of Leadership for maize and maize based farming systems. Mozambique is Centre Leader-ship for rice and rice based farming systems while Zambia is Centre of Leadership for ‘Food Legumes’ nuts, and pigeon peas) and food legumes based farming system.

The Legumes Centre of Leadership

The R & D activities in Zambia is focusednon Legumes, which includes, cowpea, soybean, pigeon pea and common beans and is implementing at six research stations (Mount Makulu, Kabwe, Msekera, Mochipapa and Misamfu). Food legumes RCoL focuses on varietal improvements and adaptation, agronomic packages, post harvest, crop protection, processing and mechanization, utilisation, conservation agriculture and soil fertility improvement. The RCoL also implements R & D activities in maize and rice.
The focal point site for the RCoL in Zambia is Kabwe Research Station.

Regional Approach to Regional Challenges (Video)

During the period under review, the APPSA Zambia Communication Strategy was finalized. The strategy was designed to systematically implement activities of APPSA aimed at creating awareness about APPSA activities among its publics. The strategy outlines a number of methodologies, approaches and tools necessary for reaching out to the public as well as receiving feedback.